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Administrative Programs


Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)

Learn how to register patients, perform insurance verification, pre-authorization, coding and billing insurance claims and collecting payments.  This course thoroughly prepares the student to code patient's medical records correctly and optimize reimbursement for a full range of medical records correctly and optimize reimbursement for a full range of medical services. COMING SOON

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)

Students learn the necessary skills to work as administrative support for Doctors and other Health Care Professionals.  Learn how to fill insurance claims in reference to deductible and co-payment.  The program teaches students to perform and qualified medical assistant of a wide range of duties, with technical detail.

Real Testimonial

Hi, My name is Lena, If you are wondering if this program is right for you like I was wondering  at one time, wonder no more, my life has changed so dramatically since I enrolled and now after gaining the dream job of my life.  Thanks to HIPHC I am gainfully employed by one of the largest medical facilities in the area and doing the job I was trained to do through HIPHC.  Now is the time to enroll and start a great career!

CBCS/CMAA Combo Certification

This certification is an extensive combination of certified Billing & Coding Specialist AND Certified Medical Administrative Assistant. COMING SOON

Professional Health Careers

A medical career is often the most admired career of the world.  A medical career is humanitarian, noble and undoubtedly holds a very bright future for those who are after it.  In terms of money, this field is one of the most promising of all.

Most frequently asked question

How long will this program take me to complete? 

Answer: Most of the programs take about 260 clock hours, compare to going to a two year program, you will be employed and doing the job from all the training you will receive from HIPHC